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sujata 28 Dec,16
I want to be an rj . Can anybody suggest me to proceed?
peeyush devda 08 Dec,16
Fm मीरा हमारी शयान है हम चाहते है कि हमारा fm पूरे दीन भर चले हम चाहते है कि एक गाने का fm होना चहीए
Rahul sharma 06 Dec,16
I like fm ......and I want to job in radio station in delhi....please reply me
Vicky 03 Dec,16
I love to work with radio station in all our Tamilnadu I love to share my voice
тιppυ ѕυlтan.B 02 Dec,16
ι aм тιppυ мy nιcĸ naмe ѕυllan .ι aм doιng мy ғιnal year вѕc aғтer ғιnιѕнιng мy college ѕтυdιed ι wanт тo joιn any ғм .вecaυѕe ι love тalĸιng. ѕo мany oғ мy ғrιendѕ gιven мe тнe ιdea тo joιn тнe ғм ѕтaтιon aғтer ғιnιѕнιng тнe college .ιғ yoυ gιυe мe one cнance ι wιll ѕнow тнe тalenт and do мy вeѕт.
amit patel 02 Dec,16
I want to start redio station in my sagar city.... please contact me...thanxx
khushalee 01 Dec,16
I want to job in radio station for.RJ if there are any vacancy then email me
kalavathi mittapalli 01 Dec,16
I want to join in fm radio , giving voice overs to advertisements is my dream , please give me the opportunity if there any vacancies
Mohith Harish 30 Nov,16
Hassan FM 102.2 is giving wonderful programs I love kissan vanity,yuva vanity and other program
nitin duggar 29 Nov,16
I love kanpur meri jaaan


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