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Aditi Thosar 16 Jan,17
I want the job of copywriter in Pune radio stations. Plz reply me.
Swati Patel 15 Jan,17
I have full confidence on my voice & my skills.. Nd i wanna to be an RJ so please Dear sir or mam give me chance any places of all over India i accept
naresh khawas 14 Jan,17
hi its me Naresh Khawas from sittong, Kurseong want to give our song to play in FM for that what is the procedure kindly inform me. thank you
Siva @ Lingesh 14 Jan,17
I love myself and also my voice to be share, Love & work in Madurai station want to be an RJ...
Arun kr dubey 12 Jan,17
I have a experience of doing commentary.... So I want do a commentary in your radio station in my local place in Banaras pls give me a one change to do commentary in your radio station...pls reply me as soon as possible... Thanx you
My name is Sonu Jaiswal I am stady b pharmacy 1st year in bhopal Rajiv Gandhi collage My home town Jabalpur MP My favorite song OK janu ka Hamma song
sujata 28 Dec,16
I want to be an rj . Can anybody suggest me to proceed?
peeyush devda 08 Dec,16
Fm मीरा हमारी शयान है हम चाहते है कि हमारा fm पूरे दीन भर चले हम चाहते है कि एक गाने का fm होना चहीए
Rahul sharma 06 Dec,16
I like fm ......and I want to job in radio station in delhi....please reply me
Vicky 03 Dec,16
I love to work with radio station in all our Tamilnadu I love to share my voice
тιppυ ѕυlтan.B 02 Dec,16
ι aм тιppυ мy nιcĸ naмe ѕυllan .ι aм doιng мy ғιnal year вѕc aғтer ғιnιѕнιng мy college ѕтυdιed ι wanт тo joιn any ғм .вecaυѕe ι love тalĸιng. ѕo мany oғ мy ғrιendѕ gιven мe тнe ιdea тo joιn тнe ғм ѕтaтιon aғтer ғιnιѕнιng тнe college .ιғ yoυ gιυe мe one cнance ι wιll ѕнow тнe тalenт and do мy вeѕт.
amit patel 02 Dec,16
I want to start redio station in my sagar city.... please contact me...thanxx
khushalee 01 Dec,16
I want to job in radio station for.RJ if there are any vacancy then email me
kalavathi mittapalli 01 Dec,16
I want to join in fm radio , giving voice overs to advertisements is my dream , please give me the opportunity if there any vacancies
Mohith Harish 30 Nov,16
Hassan FM 102.2 is giving wonderful programs I love kissan vanity,yuva vanity and other program
nitin duggar 29 Nov,16
I love kanpur meri jaaan
Vikrant. 28 Nov,16
Iam intermediate pass.also done dca typing english speaking course.pls give job all india radiobharati.
Ganesh Balmiki 28 Nov,16
I want job in radio station plz sir
kissan god 28 Nov,16
sir i have lossed my mobile so please may you help me my mobil name lava irx 5 missing my pokket sience 2 haur ago so please halp me regards kissan god
vammsisai 28 Nov,16
sir I want job in your radio station please inform sir I want this job in kothagudem
Victoria Chacko 27 Nov,16
I am pursuing BA journalism from IFIM Bangalore. I need to do my internship now as it is my final year. Could you help please? Thanks
Piyush Rao 27 Nov,16
I want job in your field..!!
chetan AG 26 Nov,16
I want to know how to msg for our fav song mean contact number for message
Parashuram 25 Nov,16
Sir, I am completed I am interest music and speaking then good Voice I am very interest radio speech please any vacancy in vijayapur karnataka , plz inform sir /madam thank you.
akhilesh kumar 25 Nov,16
One more newly open FM radio @ 94.3 mhz(fever)
Harsh 25 Nov,16
I wanna do dedicated a song for my love how i dedicate on radio
Rishab kumar 24 Nov,16
I wanted a job at fm station its urgent
Mumtaz Bhat 16 Oct,16 I want do internship in radio .. Plx inform if ur interested or u need sir/maam
Asutosh Dash 24 Nov,16
I want to be a part of your radio station.I want to be a RJ.. please if any vacancy say me.
Guru sinngh saini 24 Nov,16
Dear team I would like to join your team as RJ. I have 3 year diploma in electronics and communication engineering and also have 3 years years of communication line like bpo Plz suggest me if you have any oppurtunity for me Thanks
Mukesh Kumar Jha 23 Nov,16
I want a job in radio station. Please sir
Payal singh 23 Nov,16
Sir , I wanna join ur station either for entrnship or for job.plz let me inform if its possible and also about the vacancies whenever it comes.
babhaw kumar 23 Nov,16
Iwant job in radiostation in hazaribagh
Kavi Pradhan 23 Nov,16
I want to experience the fun of bieng a radio person. I cant sing well but i have an entertenment factor. I can make feel listener happy and conneted to me. My voice quite sweet and attractive. My friend says so i am saying too. So if you need any person for any job in your radio station please let me know and give me an opportunity to work with talnted people like you. Thankyou.
vikrant shekhar 19 Nov,16
I loke work in radiostation in sweet voice also i have work radio station .
vikrant 19 Nov,16
Iam done english speaking course dca intermediated from hazaribag . so i will give my profile for you .I want this job in hazaribag jhar.
Mausam patel 18 Nov,16
Hello sir/mam I m very much interested for radio station And I had done book recording in radio mirchi 98.3 fm n I hve little experience in this field If any vacancy let me know sir Thank you
shilpa 18 Nov,16
hi sir/mam , i want any job in radio jabalpur plz inform me coz i love this job.
Anamika singh 15 Nov,16
I want to intership in radio. so i want to job in varanasi plz any vacancies so plz inform me. thanks
aravindhan 15 Nov,16
Hai sir I am std at DECE I want to job RJ or computer work
I want do internship in radio .. Plx inform if ur interested or u need sir/maam
Casilda stalin 13 Nov,16
I need a job in radio talented in singing and speaking skills
Hidhaya dawood 11 Nov,16
I want to work a job in suriyan FM thirunelvali
Shenwaj Ahmed 11 Nov,16
Pleas add english language fm channel
Sunanda 11 Nov,16
Sir ,I wanna do internship from your FM radio.plz let me knw if its possible.
S.babyusha 09 Nov,16
Sir, I am completed I am interest music and speaking then good Voice I am very interest radio speech please any vacancy inform sir /madam thankyou.
S.babyusha 09 Nov,16
Hai.sir I like suriyan FM I am interest radio speech good voice please any vancancy inform me madam
veer 03 Nov,16
I wanna be a rj if their any vacancies. In gwalior for RJ please inform me
Akash Gautam 17 Oct,16
I like music nd also have good voice & communication skills ..nd want to be an Kanpur...if any Vacncies plzzz let me know..plzzz
Mumtaz Bhat 16 Oct,16
I want do internship in radio .. Plx inform if ur interested or u need sir/maam
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