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ayaz khan 13 Apr,16
Agra me delhi ka radio one hona chahiye
N.K patyal 10 Apr,16
Sir,it is requested that I am resident of Reasi town district Reasi.and we are deprive of fm service in radio set and there is very weak signal of fm channels .so please improve the frequency of fm channels in reasi town, so that we can take take benefit of technology and entertainment .
Raj singh rajput 08 Apr,16
redio mrichi is my fevrt station i like that so also
jagdish Kumar Gidderbaha 07 Apr,16
Sir,I m listning your programe since long time but in these days your cannel is not listnig properly due to all india radio s programmes ,either you should increase ur range or do any other solution so that programme sholud be listned properly.
guddu bhai 05 Apr,16
sir Rajsamand me fm open karao
FM Radio, a like chanel FM GOLD Is is my Favrate chhanel
Shankar datt sharma 25 Mar,16
please tell me FM radio frequency
balaji panchal 23 Mar,16
Air india redio for 101.3 osmanabad
mo akib 26 Feb,16
want be radio jokey..iam confident in my talents and also in my voice.and I believe that an ordinary person can do extraordinary things..
hiteshpatel 25 Feb,16
Vividh bharti radio station modil number
sanab Guchait 22 Feb,16
142 Can I work with FM.....
syed parveen 07 Feb,16
meri beti 3saal ki hey uska voice bahut acha rehta iss liye mein aapki radio mein meri beti ka voice sun chahtee hoon aur aap sab bi sune. plzzzzz kya aap bata sakte ki bachoon ka kuch program hey kya.plz give me response.iske phele hi all india radio mein bi baat ki thi telugu mein.
shabbir ahamad 04 Feb,16
I want hindi old songs continusly lising tank you
vikas sharma 03 Feb,16
Plese sikar me fm radio station open
JUNIOR RAJ 03 Feb,16
i love all fm ,fm kekum pothumadum than nimathi kedakuthu.
abhishek patel 02 Feb,16
I want to be a radio jockey please give me a chance .
chetan kapildev sharma 01 Feb,16
We want a separate radio station for Sindhi community people which broadcasts Sindhi programmes 24/7.
Jaipal Singh Sidar 31 Jan,16
आज के इस तकनिकी और मोबाईल क्रांति तथा इंटरनेट की दुनिया में भी रेडियो की अपनी अलग महत्ता कायम है ।और यह अपनी लोकप्रिता को कायम किये हुए है। मेरा एक निवेदन यह है कि क्या एंड्रॉएड बेस मोबाइल पर कभी आल इंडिया रेडियो का ऑफ लाइन एप लॉन्च होगा? अगर ऐसा हो पाता है तो रेडियो की पहुंच वर्तमान दायरे से बहुत ज्यादा हो जायेगी । और ज्यादा लोग स्वस्थ मनोरंजन के साथ सुचना और शासकीय नीतियों से अवगत हो पाएंगे ।
veena vikraman 31 Jan,16
I want be radio jokey..iam confident in my talents and also in my voice.and I believe that an ordinary person can do extraordinary things..
Harcharnsingh 30 Jan,16
Welcome I want to listen fm radio in the too far distance range (about 300km.) om my mobile like as delhi best range kindly tell me about that experience. THANX.
gurdev singj 29 Jan,16
I live in faridkot...and there is no fm radio reception.....
ravi m 26 Jan,16
Need malayalam and english fm channels in andhra pradesh
Sukh sangha 18 Jan,16
plz Start One new radio station in Punjabi language 😊😊
yeshfeen 12 Jan,16
I want be a radio jocket please give me one chance
shubham 09 Jan,16
is any radio station in khalsa,Amritsar
Surinder Kumar 06 Jan,16
New tower in batala city No range in my city batala DISTT. Gurdaspur city batala my address hno. 242,CHANDER NAGAR BATALA
Nagamallesh Yadav 06 Jan,16
I Listen and Like Always Tirupati Akasavani FM (103.2) Programs but I want and Openion Increase Student Relative Programs from Tirupati FM.
mukesh kharat 06 Nov,15
can I get details about employment oriented or education programmes broadcasted on radio fm stations with their timings
BG Neogi 21 Jul,15
Sir, Roads are the Mirror of the Country. Request to look into the roads. Regds. I am listning FM, can you do somthing for the roads.
Arya Rana 14 Jun,15
Red Fm is the best
sudipto poddar 20 Apr,15
why not any fm station at malda...? Please provide atleast one fm radio station for malda district.
Rajahari kumar 14 Apr,15
rainbow india Is an most important fm station of india, i like it.
pratik b jadhav 14 Apr,15
I like 93.5 red fm bajaayto raho.. .
nirali suthar 07 Apr,15
fm makes amaging time to spend with it
8280236570 05 Apr,15
Please give another F.M.RADIO station for Berhampur town,improve the range of present F.M.RADIO station.
lekhram.kushwaha 30 Mar,15
(m.p) jila satna gram post barahana (nimooha tola me pani and road kee samasya hai and ye roj ise ko har roj kam se do bar ye samasy humare liye bahut badee samasya hai please sir ya maidam jee mai apse nivedan karta hoo ye jab tak road and pani samasya door na ho jaye ye meri yaha par koi bhee neta jee nahi sunte hai
lekhram.kushwaha. 28 Mar,15
pani aur road kee samasya hai jila satnavillage barahana (nimooha.tola me meri avaj all india jab tak nahi samasya nahi hogi ye suchana har roj dena sir ye badi samasya hai
prakash kumar jha 27 Mar,15
i love fm radio
lekhram.kushwaha. 26 Mar,15
hamare yaha bahut samasya pani roa ke hai koi bhi neta nb ahi sunte jab chunv hote to bot magne ate jila satna (m.p.)gram post barahan (nimooha tola me is tarh ke samasyd hai krpa aap nivedan kart hoo ke meri avaj sunai ja all india me mai bahas bhe krno ko taiyar bhe hoo obhi net jee ko bhe yaha akr dekh sakte hai yaha par koi bhe neta jee bhe.nahi
vikrant raghav 23 Jan,15
i love redio 93.5 and 98.3 my favrrate channel
T M Vasu 23 Jan,15
Name of FM Radio stations in Ludhiana
Irais 16 Jan,15
Right onih-ts helped me sort things right out.
Tri 16 Jan,15
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Ijaz 16 Jan,15
mobile testing is nohtnig but the internal apps has fixed into the mobile we want to test that testing is called mobile apps testing means newly installing hte apps in to the device we want to test apps ia called mobile apps testing as per my knowledge
P.Umamaheswaran 15 Nov,14
Erode city is having a population of morethan 6 lakhs. But there is no FM radio stations here. The Government and Private FM has established new FM radio stations, where the stations are already available. Why they neglect Erode City? Except Kodaikanal FM, there is no reception of any FM in Erode. Even small town like karaikal, tuticorin, nagercoil has FM radio stations. Kindly do the needful.
kartikya 11 Nov,14
in asr plz 104.8 radio station its good station
navdeep verma 06 Nov,14
i hisar FM my goodmorning is good with fm and new songs,clasic songs,news etc
SUMIT G.9122 04 Nov,14
RED FM is very hot channel.
sagar 02 Nov,14
i love redio
Praant Behera 23 Oct,14
This Is an good channel that I found.So I Love To Listen Of RadioFM And Other Am Programmes.Please Contineuosilly give this Programmes.I Thanks To All Chanell operators.It Is a root to see me Tommer.
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